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Are Proactol Plus Ingredients Safe?

There are thousands of diet supplements on the market. Everyone is looking for that miracle supplement that will allow them to quickly lose pounds and slim down to their ideal weight. The problem is that a lot of supplements contain ingredients that can be harmful to your health. For this reason it is important to understand which ingredients are in the supplement you’re planning on taking, and what those ingredients will do to you. Not only will this allow you to better understand the supplement you’re taking, but it will also let you avoid some of the bad side effects that some of these pills have. Proactol XS is an all-natural supplement with almost no side effects that works to bind fats, enabling you to lose weight quickly and easily.

Proactol XS Broken Down

Proactol XS uses fibers to create a situation in your body that stops up to 300 calories from being absorbed per day. These soluble and non-soluble fibers make you feel full, thus limiting your hunger and how much you eat. They also bind fats. The main active ingredients are explained below:

Silica – A silica deficiency makes you hungry, because this ingredient is very important in controlling the nervous and circulatory systems in the body, which helps pull the most nutrition from the foods you eat. This helps you lose weight by reducing your food cravings and allowing you to feel full longer.

Prickly Pear Extract – This extract, with the scientific name Opuntia Ficus-Indica, is the most important ingredient in Proactol XS. Mostly grown in South America, the fiber complex in this plant binds to fats eaten, turning it into a gel-like substance. This makes the body wait to digest it, meaning that it takes a lot longer to feel hungry again after eating. This scientifically proven ingredient is safe and has no known side effects.

Microcrystalline Cellulose – This ingredient, sometimes called MCC, is one of the non-soluble fibers in Proactol XS. It also helps you curb your hunger by giving you a feeling of fullness.

Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate – This dehydrated compound is an all-natural ingredient that is common to many weight loss supplements. It is clinically proven to help you get rid of hunger by making you feel full.

Povidone – While this ingredient is mostly used in health products because it is an antibacterial compound, it is in Proactol Plus because it works together with the prickly pear extract to form the gel that binds with fats in your stomach.

Magnesium Stearate – This is another common natural ingredient that is used in numerous supplements as a filler. This FDA-approved compound also provides you with good cholesterol as well.

The ingredients in Proactol XS have been clinically proven to have zero side effects. There are no colours, artificial flavours, known allergens, or chemical preservatives in the pills. It is also completely vegetarian friendly, as it contains no animal products. The information above, combined with the Proactol XS 60 day money back guarantee, should give you the confidence to order this risk-free product and start losing weight today.

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