Phen375 Review – Does it really help you achieve a

weight loss of 3-5 pounds per week?

How would you like to lose an extra 3-5 pounds every week simply by taking a few pills? Well, that is exactly what the makers of Phen375 claim you can do when you use their popular fat burning pill.

Do the claims stack up? Is this a viable weight loss solution for you? Find out in our independent Phen375 review.

Classification: Fat Burner
Speed of Results:
Weight-Loss Power:
Long-Term Results:
Any Known Side Effects?: None
Money Back Guarantee: No
Phen375 Price: From £37.50 p/m
Discounts: Up To £50 (Multi-Buy)
Value for money:
Overall rating:

What is Phen375?

Phen 375 is a safe alternative to the Phentermine drug that has attracted much controversy over the last few years. Unlike Phentermine, the main active ingredient in Phen375 is 100% legal and contains none of the side effects of the banned drug.

This means you can get all of the benefits of Phentermine but without any of the risks, side-effects or legal issues associated with it.

Phen375 is primarily a fat burner that works to both speed up your metabolism to burn fat away more quickly, and suppress your appetite to help you cut out those between meal snacks and reduce your main meal portion sizes.

phen375 before and after UKCommon Benefits of Phen375:

Produced in FDA registered labs, Phen375 is a highly professional, quality product that has been shown to help you:

  • Lose as much as 3-5 pounds every week
  • Speed up your metabolism to burn calories more quickly
  • Burn away excess fat – targeting those stubborn areas
  • Increases energy levels to avoids those post-meal energy slumps
  • Suppress your appetite for better portion control and reduced snacking

What we really like about Phen375 is the fact it tackles your weight loss with multiple approaches. Although its main function is to burn fat, it also works as an appetite suppressant helping you consume fewer calories whilst also burning away more – an unbeatable combination.

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How Does Phen375 Work?

Quite simply, the formula for any successful weight loss program is that you need to burn more calories than you consume – that’s a scientific fact. However, it is notoriously difficult to do, especially if you are easily tempted by fatty foods or struggle to stick to an exercise regime.

Phen375 gives you an effective alternative to making such drastic lifestyle changes and works simply by helping your body to burn more calories whilst also suppressing your appetite so you consume less.

The ingredients within Phen375 are all highly effective and include things such as Cayenne pepper which are known to boost your metabolism. This all comes together to create one of the most effective weight loss supplements we have ever seen.

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Will Phen375 Work For You?

phen 375 before and after uk

The great thing about Phen375 is that whilst doing a moderate level of exercise will certainly help to speed up results, it is not necessary to make big lifestyle changes. Simply by reducing the amount of food you eat, and improving your body’s ability to burn fat you will see results.

Naturally though, there is no ‘one-size fits all’ solution and so results cannot be guaranteed. However, the indications are that Phen375 has much chance, if not more, of working for you as any other diet pill. To back that up, there are a number of really impressive customer success stories you can view.

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Summary of our Phen375 Review:

Whilst the main ingredient may be linked to a controversial drug, there is nothing controversial about Phen375. It has rightly positioned itself as a safe yet effective alternative to Phentermine that provides all the benefits without the side effects.

Combining both fat burning with appetite suppression, this dual function pill has some extremely impressive testimonials – perhaps the best range of success stories we have ever seen.

This evidence all helps to back up the claims that the pill can help you to lose as much as 3-5 pounds every week by speeding up your metabolism, burning existing fat, and reducing your appetite. Overall, then it’s hard to make a case for any other supplement being a better choice than Phen375 and so if you are looking for fast, hassle-free weight loss, Phen375 could be the answer for less than £1.50 a day.

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  1. how can i have this product? i am here in riyadh saudi arabia.

    • Hi Ronaldo.

      Yes, Phen375 is delivered worldwide so you shouldn’t have any problems with ordering it. And it’s a really good choice as well.
      Good luck.

  2. Does this product help with the stomach area

    • Hi Carrie

      Thanks for getting in touch.
      The short answer is Yes. Phen375 is one of the best all round fat burners we have recently seen. It targets every area of your body what has excess fat, and that includes your stomach. Good luck!

      Best regards,

  3. where can I get the medicine specific place

  4. All I want is belly fat to minimize, not my thighs or buttocks. This product won’t reduce those areas………will it?

    • Hi Sheila

      Thanks a lot for getting in touch.

      It’s very likely that you will lose fat all over your body, not just your tummy, unfortunately.

      Best Regards,

  5. Is their a 800# i can call to order

  6. Hi, im from Papua New Guinea,can u help me buy your product online? I’ve been seaching your product everywhere in my country and came up with nothing. Please help

    • Hi Susan

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Phen375 is not available over the counter and can only be purchased via the official website (we have linked to it above).

      Best regards,


  7. I stay in mumbai,India
    from where i can get dis product.
    My mothr has osteoarthritis can c consume thia tablets?

    • Hi Jinkal

      Phen375 can only be bought from the official website (link above). Unfortunately we cannot advise you on medical conditions though so best would be to contact your GP before ordering Phen375.

      Best of luck,

  8. hi, i am 18… would you recommend this product if i was looking to lose 30 kgs and ‘tighten’

    • Hi Emily.

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      Yes, Phen can definitely help you, but considering that you would like to lose quite a hefty amount I’d recommend improving on your diet and maybe adding some exercise to your daily routine as well. Without better diet and exercise it would probably take you quite a while to reach your targets. But do keep us updated about your journey please.

      Best wishes,

  9. hello my name is debby and im 42 years old ive been strugling all my life with my weight ive been fat then not then fat then not etc… but now im at the age where i cant lose wait any more and i work in a kitchen so its even harder and ive also suffered alot with depression which also leads to eating
    id really like to try your product for free for 30 days and if it works would buy your product
    if there is any way i could get your pills at any local pharmacy let me know and i could go

    • Hi Debby

      Sorry to hear about your troubles with weight.

      We don’t sell any of pills mentioned on this website so I can’t promise you are free sample unfortunately. Also, Phen375 is available online only.

      Maybe first thing to do would be to deal with the depression as it makes you eat more than your body needs. Phen375 is great appetite suppressant but I can’t promise that it will work if you eat too much.

      I hope this helps.

      Best regards,


  10. debby again i forgot to tell you i live in canada (hamilton ontario) can i get it here in canada in the pharmacy please let me know
    thankyou debby

  11. How i can use it ,

  12. Hi
    This is Adhis, where can the drug be found in Cardiff, UK?

  13. I am from South Africa and I would like to find out how much it would cost for Phen375, how long it will take to courier and courier costs?

  14. I’m an Indian n my weight is 75kgs n height 5’2″ how can i buy phen375

  15. PLEASE HELP…Will this help my 24/7 cravings?!?!? Ever since I turned 50 I have been craving carbs and sweets. Now that I’m 52 my cravings have gotten totally out of control. And have now have packed on 20 pounds! This binging is out of control. Please let me know if this will help. I’m desperate!

  16. How mAny pills do u take a day?

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