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Best Diet Patches for Weight Loss

Insulin patches are used by people who need to control their diabetes.  Smokers who want to quit the habit often employ a nicotine patch to stop smoking.  Why not a diet patch to help lose weight?

Whether you hate the thought of having to swallow pills every day, or just find the idea inconvenient or even embarrassing, diet patches are a great alternative to diet pills that are well worth considering.

The best diet patches will not only help you lose weight, they help you lose weight quickly. What’s more the patch will be almost unnoticeable so you can get on with your daily life without incurring any inconvenience.

With this in mind we have studied most of the patches available on the market today and have produced what we believe are the best diet patches you can consider….

Top 5 Best Diet Patches to Help You Lose Weight

  • 24h Results – works around the clock to help you lose up to 4 pounds a week
  • Açaí Berry & Green Tea Extract Antioxidants
  • Best Price: 6 months for £110 – only £18.50 p/m!
  • 60 Day Money Back Guarantee (no other patch manufacturer offers this!)
  • 24h Results – works around the clock
  • Açaí Berry & Green Tea Extract Antioxidants
  • Best Price: 4 months for £80 – only $20 p/m
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Boot Camp Patches are Suitable for Vegans
  • Contains 10 Powerful Ingredients
  • 3 for the price of 2 offer available
  • Works on Your Body 24/7
  • Fucus+ Patches are discreet and easy to wear
  • May reduce hunger cravings so you don’t ruin your diet by snacking
  • Shown to maintain thyroid health, which has links to good metabolism
  • Price from £25.99 a month
  • Trim 24Seven Patches are inexpensive (£9.99 a month) but also ineffective

If you are wondering how we came up with these rankings, you can jump to our section on ‘what makes a good diet patch’ by clicking here.

How diet patches work?

woman with a diet patchFor years the weight loss patch got a lot of bad press, but new technologies, breakthrough ingredients, and recent scientific studies have improved these patches to the point where they are very effective dietary aids.  Just like other supplements these patches often include ingredients that help suppress appetite, burn fat, or increase metabolism.

The patch works transdermally.  In other words, the ingredients enter the bloodstream through the skin, entering the bloodstream and initially bypassing the liver.  This allows them to work immediately.  The ingredients are released slowly, so the patch only needs to be applied once every 24 hours.

This is the same technology used by massive health companies for products such as nicotine patches so you know it can be trusted. In fact, good patches are just as effective, if not more so than pills because there is no risk that they can be passed through your system without being fully absorbed.

When should you use diet patches?

Weight loss patches are most often used by people who don’t like to ingest pills or supplements.  There are others who don’t have time to remember to take a pill before every meal, or their lives are too busy to be bothered with a diet supplement, so the slimming patch is a great alternative. If you like the idea of using supplements to help reduce your weight but have always been put off by the need to take pills, patches are an ideal solution. Because they can be worn under your clothes, they are also very discreet so no-one needs to know you are using a diet supplement unless you tell them!

What makes a good diet patch? 

As with anything, some diet patches are better than others and so, when selecting a diet patch, you should look to compare different brands to find the best choice for you. For our comparison we used the following criteria:

  • Quality, effective ingredients
  • Positive user testimonials and reviews
  • Celebrity and medical professional endorsements
  • Reputable manufacturers
  • Scientific studies and proof of effectiveness

In short, you need to find a diet patch that has an effective blend of ingredients and a history of success that can be backed up by genuine testimonials and reviews. If the product has celebrity or medical endorsements, it will also add weight to the claims.

You’ll also need to make sure it is produced by reputable manufacturers as this will ensure no corners have been cut and that the patch is able to do the job it’s advertised to do. Finally, scientific evidence to prove its effectiveness is essential so you know you are getting the very best product.

Using this criteria and our own in-depth assessment we have concluded that by far the best diet patch you can use to lose weight is Acai Berry Weight Loss Patch by Evolution SLimming – you can read more in our Acai Berry Patch review here.

Expected weight loss results

Whilst guarantees of success can never be made, it has been shown that when using the best weight loss patches it’s possible to lose upwards of 10kg of excess weight.

Naturally the amount of weight you can lose will depend on how much excess weight you have as well as whether you combine it with a healthy diet and exercise or not.

However, there is enough evidence to show that no matter what your circumstances, you are far more likely to lose that excess weight by wearing a patch than you are without it. For this reason we highly recommend diet patches as a credible alternative to diet pills.

Top 5 Best Diet Patches to Help You Lose Weight

Rank Image Product Weight Loss Effectiveness Proven Ingredients Price Factor Overall Score Learn More
1 Slim Diet Patch
2 Acai Berry Patch
3 Boot Camp Body Patch
4 Fucus+ Patch
4 Trim 24seven
6 Size Zero Slim


  1. How many slim patches can I use each time…?

  2. How old do you have to be to use Slim patches?

  3. Is the patches better than the tummy tuck system

  4. Can you use the patches whilst breastfeeding?

    • Hi Cathy

      We would not recommend using any weight loss supplements while breastfeeding.

      Best regards,

  5. How many patches do I need in order to lose 25 KGs? And how long can it take me.

    Am very concerned about my weight.

    • Hi Lutendo

      I think it’s best to lose 25kg over at least 6-12 months, this would be the healthy way of losing weight. So I’d recommend you get Slim Weight Patch offer where they give you 2 extra packs if you buy 4.

      I hope this helps.

      Best wishes,


  6. Can the patches get wet when taking a shower?

  7. How do i use the patches? schould i apply the patch on my belly before i go to bed or? By the way, can i apply the patches on my thighs too?

    • Hi Lilian

      You can have the patch on any part of your body, so it can be on your belly, thighs, or on your arm. And as long as you keep one patch on for 24h, it doesn’t matter when you put it on either.

      I hope it helps.

      Best regards,


  8. So initially you should Not put 1 on your stomach and 1 on each thigh at the same time for example? Out of curiosity, what could happen if that was done?

    • Hi Pam

      You would definitely run out of your 1 month package in 10 days if you did that 🙂

      On the more serious note, you might get some side effects if you tripled the recommended amount, so I wouldn’t recommend that.

      Best regards,


  9. Can i wear more than 1patch?

  10. Are the patches right for me I have around 60kg to loss ?

  11. Can it b put it on for ova n8.n removed in da morning ?

  12. Is pregnant allowed to use them?

  13. Can men use it

  14. can i use it after miscarriage

  15. Are their any patches that are safe to use with appetite suppressants? I run a weight loss program at a med spa and I am always looking for new innovative , yet safe ways to change things up for my patients. Thanks in advance for the information. I will leave my email below.

    • Hi Vandy

      Thanks for getting in touch.
      We would not recommend using more than 1 diet supplement at once, purely to avoid overtaking the same type of supplement – appetite suppressant in your case then. Some patches have appetite suppressants already in them, so taking extra might not be safe.

      I hope this helps.

  16. Are these safe if you are on blood pressure meds?

  17. I would like to try a box of them weight loss patches plz.

  18. Do you have to join a subscription?

    • Hi Vicki

      As far as I know there’s no subscription with any of the diet patches we have reviewed. Have you come across one with a subscription? Would love to hear about that one so we can warn people about it.


    • Can I use it if on blood thinners

  19. I can drink coffee in the morning?

  20. How long can you wear one patch? I’ve read somewhere that you should only have them one for three hours a patch. 😮
    Best regards, Liv.

  21. I’m drinking Tibetan herbs for slimming at the moment and have lost 2 stones with them so far but fill it slows down now and I think it might be a good idea to combine them with slim patches. I’ve spoken with the costumer service and they say that I can combine them with any other slimming treatment. What is your opinion? Can I combine slim patches with other weight loss treatment?

  22. What about this patch combined with nicotine patch as I’m 2 months quit thanks

  23. isabellaanyanwu@ymail.com

    Pls I am from Nigeria and would love to buy the patch .how do I get it

  24. Can the patches still be usef i
    f you are on medication to lower colestrol.

  25. Hi, Pls i hope it’s 100% safe since it goes straight to the bloodstream. Can i take my daily multivitamin with the patch on?

  26. Do these have caffeine in them? I am caffeine sensitive. Thank you.

  27. Hi the patches that I have say slim patch pads detox adhesive are those any good.?

  28. Where exactly do you place the patch at on your body

  29. What happen if I used the patch for 2 month and I lost 10 pounds. Can i get it back if I stop using it?

  30. I am in Nigeria how can i get it

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