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Boots Fat Control Review

Boots Fat Control pillsOne of the things that we are interested in when buying a supplement is its manufacturer. More often than not, reviewers send a heads-up to potential customers about use of products made by unknown manufacturers whereas those made by reputable manufacturers easily get the nod. So should we automatically approve a product based on the reputation of its manufacturer? Our answer is a big no.

Boots Fat Control is manufactured by the trusted company Boots. The product comes with a claim that it has been clinically proven to reduce the absorption of dietary fat.

Let us dig deeper into Boots Fat Control and find out if it fits the bill.

What is Boots Fat Control?

Boots Fat Control is a fat-binding supplement manufactured by Boots Pharmaceuticals, the pharmaceutical branch of the renowned company Boots. The company has been operating since 1890. The pharmaceutical branch was launched in 2010. Boots has over 2,500 stores throughout the UK.

Boots Fat Control contains a patented fibre complex, obtained from organic plants, which help reduce the amount of fat absorbed by the body. According to Boots, the product does not have any side effects. This claim can be backed up by customer feedback. So far, no side effects have been reported. The supplement does not have any ingredient of animal origin. It is free of artificial colourings, preservatives, flavourings and salt.

Main Benefits of Boots Fat Control

The main benefits of this dietary supplement are:

  • Helps reduce fat intake
  • Manufactured by a trusted company
  • There have been no reports of side effects
  • Does not contain any stimulants

How Does Boots Fat Control Work?

Boots Fat Control does not have an official website. The only available information from the manufacturer is on the buying page which does not contain details on how the product works. Consequently, we can only assume that it works like other fat-binding supplements.

Boots Fat Control contains a patented fibre complex as its main ingredient. Fibre is usually used in fat-binding supplements to bind fat and form a complex that is too large to be digested and absorbed. The captured fat is eventually eliminated from the body, promoting weight loss.

Will Boots Fat Control Work For You?

Boots gives very little information about this product. Customer reviews are also hard to come by. On the product page, there are only two reviews, one being positive and the other being negative. The two ratings give the product an average of 2.5 stars. The page also mentions that you may have to take the product for 6 months so as to get closer to your weight loss targets. This serves as an indication that weight loss resulting from the use of these pills may be very slow.

How to Take Boots Fat Control

You are required to take two to three pills after each main meal. If you have a high fat meal, you can increase the dose to three or four pills. You should not exceed nine tablets within 24 hours. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you should consult a physician before using the product. You should not take this product if your body mass index is less than 18.5, if you are taking medicine for high cholesterol or diabetes, or if you have kidney problems.

Where to Buy Boots Fat Control

The supplement can be bought from the Boots online store. You can also purchase it from most Boots stores. A pack of 60 tablets goes for £22.99.

Boots Fat Control Discount and Voucher Codes

You get free delivery if your order is above £45.

Final Thoughts on Boots Fat Control

Boots Fat control is manufactured by a trusted company, making it easy for it to gain the trust of potential customers. Unfortunately, not enough information is given. The main ingredient is not disclosed. This gives you every right to be sceptical about using the product since you don’t have a clue on what you’re introducing to your body. The manufacturer’s claims lack scientific proof.

The price of the supplement is another cause for concern. Considering the many number of pills you have to take on a daily basis, you may have to part with more than £45 for a monthly supply of the pills. We believe that there are cheaper options that not only give much more information on their ingredients, but have also been proven to be effective. To find out more about our recommended products please check this table here.


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