Capsiplex Sport Review – Will it help you to
burn 278 more calories every day?

Do you need a clinically proven supplement to help you lose weight? Well, there has been a lot of hype in the media lately about a revolutionary new diet aid called Capsiplex Sport that has been shown in trials to help you burn up to 278 more calories every day.

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It sounds great, but is this the solution you have been looking for? Find out in our Capsiplex review……

What is Capsiplex Sport?

capsiplex-ingredientsThose who know the industry well probably know Capsiplex, which has been a leading weight loss supplement for years. Now, the makers have come up with a new and improved version of the popular metabolic booster and fat burner – Capsiplex Sport.

These small red capsules help you train harder and longer by giving you some extra strength and power that you need to work out and actually enjoy it. Capsiplex Sport is basically a fat burner fired by chili pepper.

Common Benefits of Capsiplex Sport:

Having sold over 50,000 packs in just 3 days, there are no shortages of reported benefits of Capsiplex Sport. Below are the main ones:

  • Fires you up both mentally and physically
  • Helps you burn 278 more calories daily
  • Gives energy and improves focus
  • Boosts metabolism
  • Only one pill per day does the trick
  • No nasty side effects

By far the biggest benefit is the extra calories it helps you to burn but as you can see from above, there are other very desirable benefits of Capsiplex beyond just helping you to get back in shape.

We love that this pill is especially made for those who are already active and working out. It will help these people lose more weight, train more and reach their goals faster. But we also love that even if you are not the type to go to the gym every (other) day, it still boosts calorie burn and metabolism.

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How Does Capsiplex Sport Work?

As we stated above, Capsiplex Sport helps you lose weight, exercise longer and more effectively.  It can do all that thanks to its formula, especially the capsicum in it. Capsicum extract from red chili peppers is the main ingredient which speeds your metabolism and increases energy levels. It can also stimulate lipolysis (fat burn) in your body.

But chilli is not the only active ingredient, there is also

  • Vitamin B3 to boost energy and fight mental and physical fatigue.
  • L-Arginine to deliver oxygen into your muscles while working out. This helps to have more endurance and recover quickly.
  • Piperine to boost metabolism and increase the level of nutrients you get from the food you eat.
  • Caffeine to work as a stimulant.

This pill has hidden the capsicum inside it in a very clever way. This means that you won’t feel the “burn”, but still get all the benefits from the pepper. Since the ingredients are all natural, you won’t have to worry about side effects either.

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What’s The Science Behind This Supplement?

All diet supplements say that they work wonders and have amazing results, but most of them can’t back up their claims with any research or testing. Capsiplex Sports, on the other hand, has done it. A study conducted in the University of Oklahoma showed that subjects who took Capsiplex before working out experienced 3 times more calories burned before their workout, 3% more burned during and 12 times more after exercise. On average, that made 278 extra calories burned. The subjects also had greater oxygen uptake, more strength, endurance and faster recovery time.

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Will Capsiplex Work For You?

Now that we know how it works, does it work for everyone? We have come to believe so, there is no reason why it wouldn’t. The ingredients are very well chosen, no major lifestyle changes are necessary.

True, to see the best results you should work out regularly. But with the help of Capsiplex Sport, going to the gym or jogging in the park doesn’t even seem like working out anymore, it will be a fun way to release all that energy you got from the pill.

We still urge you to watch your diet as well, you don’t want to ruin all the success you got from the supplement by having too many hot dogs or ice cream cones. Just stay active, enjoy life and let Capsiplex Sport do the rest.

If you are still not convinced,…

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Summary of our Capsiplex Sport Review:

Most weight loss pills are just the same kinds of ingredients bottled up in a different way, but Capsiplex Sport goes against the grain and has come up with something completely unique.

Being the first company to find a way to unlock the known weight loss benefits of Capsicum peppers puts it at the forefront of fighting excess weight. This approach has led to lots of positive attention in the media and several celebrity clients admitting their love of the pill.

If you are engaging in at least some form of physical activity on a regular basis and want a way to burn more calories without having to make changes to your lifestyle then Capsiplex offers you the chance to burn up to 278 more calories every day.

You will not find a more reliable formula with so much evidence and clinical proof that it works and for that reason, Capsiplex Sport can be strongly recommended as an effective supplement to help you lose that stubborn excess weight fast.


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  1. Make sure you take them every day. I ordered 1 month supply but didn’t really follow the routine what was suggested so only lost 4 pounds.

  2. I’ve bought these before, first time got it from my local gym but this time decided to order it from you. What I did notice after my first lot was that my performance improved in the gym quite a bit. I had loads more energy so walking 45min on the treadmill was not a problem at all. Will it be packed in a brown envelope/bag so only I know that I’ve ordered Capsiplex and not the rest of the world?

  3. Not sure Capsiplex will be a miracle pill but if it helps me burn more calories than I would do without it (and I’m exercising anyway) then I’m up for it. Going to order couple of months worth of supplement now. Wish me good luck 🙂

  4. I ordered them just before Christmas and what I’ve noticed is that I don’t want to eat that much now. So I think the weight I’ve lost so far is mainly cause I have reduced my calorie intake and not from exercising (been only out couple of times). I haven’t had any bad reaction to the product either so pretty happy so far.

  5. bought it 3 weeks ago and so far it’s been good, i’ve lost nearly half a stone. i’ve been to the gym few times as well so probably a combination of both of them but let’s hope it carries on like this.

    • I would like to know what is half a stone ? 5lbs = weight of an average stone ???
      never heard that expression before

      Nobody talks about long term effects nor really the time period they have been taking
      and I haven’t found serious articles backing up all the good effects they talk about

      ** No clinical tested nor information besides per say by the company

      • Hi Collette

        Thanks for your questions.

        Half a stone is about 3 kilos, or 6lbs.

        About the effectiveness of Capsiplex Sport. Someone sent us a video only few days ago (yet to process it) talking about his own experience with the product. If I’m right he had been taking the pills for 3 months and I got an impression that he was pretty happy with his own results. We are trying to upload that video in the next week or so, so if you can hold on till then it would be great.

        Best regards,


  6. I’m a real gym enthusiast but I want to just loose some fat from some stubborn areas. I have celiacs, so is Capsiplex gluten free?

  7. Would I be able to take this with proactol xs?

    • Hi

      I would think so yes, as they both tackle weight loss from different angles. And there are no stimulants in Proactol XS, so I would say it’s safe.

      Let me know if there’s anything else I can help you with.


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