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  1. hi, I have only order the free trial, but I get charger another 2 times of $89.00 something. couldd you cancel the order please, thanks
    kathy nguyen

  2. can you ship the proactol to morocco

  3. I’am sorry but your products didn’t work for me. I just phoned because you send me new bottles (Essential Cleanse ordernr: 504269396). I didn’t received them but you send me a mail of shipment. I don’t want to receive any bottles anymore. Can you confirm that their will be no more sendings. I’am sorry for the mistakes in this mail but I don’t speak or write English very good.
    With respect,

    • Hi Marijke

      Sorry for late reply.
      We do not sell any products here, neither have we recommended Essential Cleanse anywhere on our website, so I think you are mistaken that we sold you that product. I would recommend to get in touch with your credit card company though to cancel the card and stop those payments.
      I hope this helps,

  4. I would like to try one months supply before I take up the 6 months offer. Please could you tell me how much this will be.

  5. I notice that my problem has been documented in the comments only in late 2015 that is similar to other customers, surely there is an obvious problem with your administration I guess I now have lost 250$ plus into your coffers, but it will be my job to advise anyone who asks me to tell them not to use your sights and watch.

    • Hi Dianne

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We do not sell anything on this website, we ONLY review products, so your best chance of getting your money back would be to contact the website you spent 250$.

      Could you let us know what products did you buy, and what was the website? You should have received an email when you ordered from them, that should help.

      Best regards,

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