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Fucus+ Weight Loss Patch Review

fucus patchesThe Fucus+ patch is another of the choices you have in the crowded weight loss patch market.  It sets itself apart from most of the other patches by featuring ingredients that are unique, which is why we considered reviewing it.  There is not much information about this product on the internet, but the combination of fucus vesiculosus and green tea is a promising mixture based on what we already know about these compounds and extracts.

How it Works

The diet patch has been around for years, but recent technology has finally made delivering ingredients efficiently through the skin a reality.  The transdermal diet patch allows you to avoid having to take pills, and also lets you receive the supplement consistently throughout the day without having to consume an annoying supplement before each meal.

The Fucus+ patch is designed to curb hunger, boost your metabolism, and help your body burn excess fat 24-hours a day using all-natural ingredients that have been shown to be effective for weight loss and general health purposes.


Fucus Vesiculosus – This is the ingredient that the patch is named after and is commonly used in weight loss patches.  It has been used for generations in traditional medicines designed to help people lose weight.  It helps to break down fats in your body while also curbing your appetite.

Green Tea – Also high in antioxidants, green tea acts as a natural stimulant that keeps your body’s metabolism going strong all day long.  Green tea is a very popular ingredient in weight loss supplements because there are numerous studies showing that it helps you burn fat when taken regularly.

Side Effects

Fucus vesiculosus have no know known side effects.  Green tea has a small amount of caffeine which some people have adverse reactions to, but these issues are usually not serious.  Green tea contains much smaller concentrations of caffeine than black tea.


The Fucus+ weight loss patch is a well thought out dietary aid that utilizes a good combination of ingredients, unique in many ways compared to other patches on the market.  In our opinion this patch can be an effective dietary aid and will help you control your weight.  The only negatives we could find with the Fucus+ patch were that there is no money back guarantee and there are not a sufficient number of user reviews available, but the risk is low because of the quality of the product.

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  1. Absolute rubbish yet another waste of money, Feel really let down. Used every day for 14 days and no weight loss what so ever . Still over weight. Back to Scottish slimmers.

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