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Magnetic Weight Loss Patches Busted

magnetic weight loss patchesMagnets have been used throughout the world in many alternative therapies but not in patches to aid weight loss. Magnetic weight loss is therefore a new development in the diet supplement industry. How do magnetic patches work? Is there any scientific evidence that backs up their claims? These are the first questions that should come to your mind before considering purchasing them. Let us dig deeper to answer these two questions.

How they work  

Magnetic weight loss patches follow the principles of acupuncture, aiming to tap into the body’s meridian lines to realign them. These patches have a nano magnet at the center which produces magnetic waves. Their wavelength varies from 4m to 14m. They pass through the skin and go 8 to 12 cm deep, performing meridian massage.

Supporters of magnetic weight loss believe that magnetism has the following effects:

  • Increase in cellular respiration
  • Removal of toxins

Increase in cellular respiration increases caloric consumption. This causes a negative energy balance and promotes weight loss.

Is there any scientific evidence?

A study was conducted at the University of Oregon that tested the effect of magnetism on cellular respiration. The individuals involved were 18 moderately overweight women who had a sedentary lifestyle. For a period of 7 weeks, they took a low fat diet and supplement drink, and walked regularly. Magnetic resonance spectroscopy was used and the women’s mitochondrial energy production and utilization were measured. The study found that only minor changes in cellular respiration were recorded.

There is absolutely no scientific proof that a magnet embedded in a patch can significantly increase cellular respiration or aid weight loss.


The study conducted at the University of Oregon brings the effectiveness of magnetic weight loss patches into question. The makers and supporters of the patches may make all manner of claims, but provided there is lack of scientific evidence, you have every reason to be skeptical. You are better off buying one of the many alternatives available that have clinical proof to back up their claims.

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  1. I have been using patches that look exactly the same, but packaged in clear cellophane with no brand name. I have lost 10 pounds three weeks. I have had stomach pain, but I don’t know if it is related. I leave them on 24 hours and change after my shower in the morning. My skin is red under the patch and starting to itch slightly, but nothing to serious.

    • I ordered them as well. My stomach is red and it itches. But when i shower it leaves. Please tell me the rest of your results. Jeanie?

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