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Proactol XS vs Alli Fat Blocker

Fat binders, also known as fat blockers, are diet pills that act by removing some of the fat you consume from your body. As fat has the highest caloric density of all nutrients, this means that a large amount of calories you consume in your diet will not be absorbed and will pass out of your body. The effects of this diet pill is not targeted at the brain or central nervous system, but at the site where all the fat processing starts to take place in the body – the digestive system, working to prevent weight gain.

What are the most effective fat binders?

Recently there has been a lot of news on a fat binder called Alli. It used to be a prescription drug but now it is available as an over the counter weight loss pill. On one hand, this allows people to receive some great deals and discounts as a result of competition between Alli retailers, and on the other, a lot more people will be able to experience the weight loss benefits of a prescription weight loss pill. So, is Alli the best choice and the most effective fat binder there is?

There is another fat binder, Proactol XSthat provides similar, or possibly better, weight loss results to Alli, without the negative side effects. Proactol works similarly to Alli and blocks about 27% of fat consumed in the diet from being absorbed, but does not cause side effects.

Proactol plus vs Alli fat binder – which one is better?

Both weight loss pills provide great benefits. Alli is a very successful and clinically proven weight loss pill, but has the disadvantage of ‘treatment’ side effects. On the other hand, Proactol plus is a weight loss product that has excellent testimonials and does not have any known adverse effects. Additionally Proactol Plus offers 180 day money back guarantee.

Please check the table below to find out more about each of the pills.

Proactol™ XS Alli Fat Binder
Effectiveness: Effectiveness:
Usability: Usability:
(Restricted by FSA to 12 weeks)
Money Back Guarantee: YES – 60 Days Money Back Guarantee NO
Price (For 1 Month): From £29.95 – Read More Price (For 1 Month): From £58
Clinical Testing:
(6 successful trials since 1997)
 YES – Read More Clinical Testing:
Scientific Support: Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC Scientific Support: Is at the centre of huge debate for containing Xenical (at half strength) which was formerly banned
Side Effects: No Known Side Effects Side Effects: Vitamin Loss
Oily Spotting (Diahorrea)
Stomach Cramps
Gall Bladder Problems
Review:  YES – Read More Review: Soon

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