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Rasva Fat Binder Review And Why You Should Keep Away From It

Rasva Fat Binder reviewWe have now become accustomed to diet pill makers making extraordinary claims about their products. The claims made by Rasva Natural Fat Binder should therefore not come as a surprise.

Rasva Natural Fat Binder is a natural fat blocking supplement developed in Europe. It is advertised as a thoroughly-tested supplement that fully conforms to all safety standards.

Let’s take a look at the product to determine if it is worth a try.

What is Rasva Fat Binder?

Rasva Natural Fat Binder is an EU certified fat binder that is used for the treatment of excess weight and to help in weight management. It is manufactured by a Belgian company KitoZyne SA and is marketed by an Irish company Famous Rainbow. In India, it is marketed by Corona Remedies.

The product has only one active ingredient, KiOnutrime-Cs, which according to the manufacturer has been clinically proven to have a high-fat binding capacity. It therefore helps neutralize calories from foods that have a high fat content. The official website claims that Rasva binds up to 800 times its own weight with fat.

Main Benefits of Rasva Fat Binder

The claimed benefits of the product are:

  • Reduces absorption of fat from food
  • Complements a weight reduction diet. Can be used to treat excess weight
  • Can be used for weight control
  • Reduces absorption of cholesterol from food

How Does Rasva Fat Binder Work?

Rasva Fat Binder targets the excess fat that enters your stomach. It binds itself onto the fat, making it more difficult to digest and absorb. Consequently, the excess fat passes through your body undigested and is excreted. Theoretically, this means that you can lose weight without making drastic changes to your eating habits.

To obtain the energy required, the body utilizes its natural fat reserves, usually from common problem areas such as thighs and lower abdomen. Weight loss is therefore twofold because you eat without gaining calories, and your body uses its reserves as a secondary energy source.

A major problem with these claims is that they are not backed by science.

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Will Rasva Fat Binder Work For You?

Rasva Fat Binder is one of those “trial and error” products meaning that you’ll only find out if it is effective or ineffective by trying it. Keep in mind thought that there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims made by the manufacturer. No direct clinical studies have been carried out on Rasva. Additionally, customer reviews are largely negative. Many customers claim to have experience little or no difference at all since they started using the supplement. These points of concern, and the fact that no money back guarantee is offered, make buying the product a huge gamble.

How to Take Rasva Fat Binder

Dieters whose body mass index is greater than 26 should take 2-3 capsules twice a day with a lot of liquid. Dieters whose body mass index is less than 26 should take 1-2 capsules twice a day. In both cases, the pills should be taken 15 minutes before meals.

You are required to swallow the pill whole and not chew or bite through them. There should be a space of 4 hours between taking the pills and taking any contraception or medication. You are advised to drink at least two litres of water or unsweetened liquids daily. Care should be taken not to exceed the recommended dose since an overdose of the main ingredient can promote occurrence of side effects.

Where to Buy Rasva Fat Binder

Rasva Fat Binder can be bought from its official website, online retail sites like Amazon, and from high street shops like Holland & Barrett.

On the official website, 180 capsules cost £74.85, 120 capsules cost £49.90 and 60 capsules cost £24.95.

Rasva Fat Binder Discount and Voucher Codes

Currently, no discount and voucher codes are available.

Final Thoughts on Rasva Fat Binder

Rasva Fat Binder is a product that should be approached with caution. The claims made by the manufacturer are not supported by any scientific proof. There are many complaints from customers who claim to have experienced minimal or no weight loss. Its price makes it one of the more expensive fat binders out there. It is even more expensive for customers outside the UK. Couple this with the fact that there is no money back guarantee, and you definitely agree that this would be a very risky purchase to make. There are cheaper and more effective fat binders, such as Proactol XS. We therefore do not recommend buying Rasva fat binder.

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