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The New Phenomenon Called Tongue Patch Diet

tongue patch surgeryOverweight and obesity are without doubt major health challenges for millions of people across the world. In fact being overweight is considered to be the mother of all resultant health problems and therefore there is a need to keep weight under control. While putting on weight is quite easy it becomes extremely difficult to reverse it. Hence, the market is filled with a number of weight loss solutions including pills and supplements. Of late there has been a general increase in interest levels with weight loss patches. The opinion is divided regarding the efficacy and safety of this form of weight loss. There are a number of people who are seemingly finding benefits out of the same. It would be interesting to find out more about this approach. How it has transcended boundaries and moved to some other bizarre ways of getting rid of those excess calories.

Put in simple words these weight loss patches are nothing but patches that are stuck in some parts of the body from where they supposedly start performing the task of reducing weight. The main objective of these weight loss patches is to inject the desired ingredients straight into the blood stream which presumably works much better and much faster. However, the basic premise on which these patches work are almost the same when compared to conventional weight loss tablets, drinks and other such supplements. The basic objective is to burn those extra inches of fat and also reduce appetite thereby making the persons to eat less than before.

However, what is now creating lot of excitement in the weight loss circle is a new concept called tongue patch diet. This is of a very recent origin. At the same time, there are not many researched news items which could throw some light into the efficacy or otherwise of the same. However, it would be not a bad idea to have a closer look at this form of weight loss which is often considered to be very bizarre to say the least. There have been many claims which talk about patients losing even around 25 to 30 pounds a month by using this form of weight loss approach.

This form of weight loss is all about attaching a small mesh into the tongue of the person who is willing to try this form of losing weight. When the mesh is attached to the tongue it becomes very painful and difficult for the users to chew foods. Hence they are left with no other alternative but to settle for liquid diets. In fact even the liquid diets are prescribed by the proponents of these tongue patches. The liquid diets are supposed to be rich in all the required nutrition which is required for a normal human being. There are many who call this a barbaric and inhuman approach to weight loss. At the same time, others are ready to call it a scientific and useful method by which those extra calories can be burnt out. There is no doubt however that the patients have to endure physical pain and suffering in their quest to lose the extra inches of fat in various parts of the body.

What are potential side effects?

tongue patch diet after effectsWhile it is too early to pass a judgment about the efficacy of this form of weight reduction, there are some serious questions being raised about the safety of this method. There have been instances where the tongue has been severely bruised through these patches and quite a few patients have also suffered from serious infections on the tongue which has eventually spread to other parts of the body. Further, it has to be also borne in mind that once the patients are taken off the tongue patches, they start eating again with a vengeance and put on more weight than they actually had when they started on this method of weight loss.

The cost of this method of weight loss is around $2,000 though there are cheap variants too. In fact in some countries the cost could be around $150. However, at the end of the day, before going in for this new method of losing weight it would be better to have a look at the other weight loss patches that have been in vogue for quite some years now. It would not be a bad idea to try the best diet patch options available in the market which certainly are time tested, proven and give the right results.

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