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Best Fat Binders

There are countless of fat binders on the market today which makes it incredibly difficult to choose which one to purchase and use. They can be pricey, often claim incredible results with no studies to back up the facts and little information on the actual ingredients you’re putting into your body.

We have compiled a list of 4 best best fat binders (XLS Medical, Proactol XS, Alli and MedoSlim) on the market right now and compare them based on effectiveness, whether they are clinically proven, offer free bonuses, price and money back guarantee.

TOP 4 Fat Binders


#1 – Proactol XS® #2 – MedoSlim #3 – XLS Medical #4 – Alli™
proactol fat binder medoslim fat binder alli fat blocker Alli Fat Binder
Medically Proven
100% Natural Ingredients
Side Effects Possible Constipation Possible Constipation Possible Constipation Oily discharges + more
Minimum Monthly Price £19.98 if you buy 3 and get 3 for FREE £49.99 £59.99 £59.95
Discount Codes 10% OFF – our EXCLUSIVE code “BN10”
FREE Bonuses No No Some No
Money Back Guarantee Yes – 60 Days
Value for Money*
XLS Medical has received a lot of media coverage and celebrity endorsements recently. This is probably the reason why some of the advertising costs have been passed on to the consumer so our overall winner is Proactol XS thanks to its lower pricing and 60 day money back guarantee!
Small Print. As we have said many times there are no miracle drugs what help you shed loads of weight in just a matter of weeks. This applies to fat binders as well so we recommend to use them for at least 3-4 months to notice difference. Everybody is different and if you are on the minority of people who don’t get any benefits from using Proactol XS you have the piece of mind knowing that you can ask your money back. Good luck!


  1. Thanks for the info

  2. you state that Proactol costs £23.31 a month but actually the price quoted on the Order Now page is £34.95????

    • Hi Minnie

      Thanks for getting in touch.
      We do state it’s the “Minimum Monthly Price” which can be achieved if you bought the 5 months + 2 FREE package using our exclusive code “NOXLS” during the checkout. But if you just wanted to go for 1 months supply then this is £34.95 indeed.

      I hope that helps,

  3. Hi im interested in buying the proactol plus but i just wonderd if i bought these and they worked and managed to get to the weight i wanted do i then stop takin the tablets or do i have to keep taking them To stay thin because surely if i stopped taking them i would gain all the fat again because my body would be used to these to help with the fat in foods? Thanks hannah

    • Hi Hannah

      Thanks for getting in touch.
      As you might know no diet pill is a miracle pill so if you stop using them without changing your lifestyle after achieving your weight loss goals it’s quite likely you will put the weight back on. So best advice would be to avoid those fatty foods and keep the healthy lifestyle after you have achieved your goals 🙂

      Best Regards,

  4. hey there
    where i can pay it ? in cairo ,eygpet

  5. Where can I bought this medication

  6. Have been on XLS medical max strength on and off for 6 weeks and have lost a stone , recently developed a corneal ulcer .. Could this be related to the blocking of fat soluble vitamin A,D and E xxx any advice welcome xxx

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