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Trim 24seven Slimming Patch Review

trim 24 seven diet patchTrim24Seven Plus is another of the very similar group of weight loss patches on the market.  We thought this patch might be worth reviewing because of the ingredients used.  While not revolutionary, they are all proven effective when used in combination with each other.

How it Works

Trim24Seven Plus uses the same transdermal system as other weight loss patches, but they claim that their 24-hour patch suppresses appetite better than other patches because their ‘matrix technology’ delivery system lets your body absorb the ingredients more quickly and efficiently.  These are a great alternative for people who don’t have the time to take pills or who have a bad reaction to traditional supplements.


Trim24Seven contains fucus vesiculosus, guarana, 5-HTP, L-carnitine, yerba mate, and more.  All the ingredients are 100 percent natural and proven to help you lose weight.  Fucus vesiculosus is one of the newest ingredients that has been shown in early studies to be a great appetite suppressant.  L-carnitine works especially well as a fat burner if you maintain an active lifestyle.

This combination of organic compounds has proven effective in other weight loss patches, but there is no direct evidence on Trim24Seven’s site that shows that their patch works.

Side Effects

There are no known or reported side effects related to the use of the Trim24Seven weight loss patch, except for issues that might stem from being allergic to the caffeine in guarana.  Some people have reported a slight irritation at the spot where they apply the patch, so we recommend that you change the spot daily to avoid any issues.


We can definitely tell you that the ingredients in Trim24Seven are effective weight loss ingredients, but without evidence and user testimonials and reviews it’s hard to put our stamp of approval on this product.  We feel like this could be a great product, but there just isn’t enough information to make a positive determination at this time.  They do offer a no-questions-asked, 45-day money back guarantee which makes the Trim24Seven weight loss patch a little bit less of a risk than it would be otherwise, but you’re still probably better off trying the patches that we have higher on our list.

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