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What Makes Proactol XS Effective?

Society says that the most attractive people are those who are thin and healthy. Because of this there are thousands of pills, diets, and supplements that claim to help you lose weight quickly. The problem is that most of these options don’t work, and some even have nasty side effects. Almost none of these products work as advertised, so it’s very important to do your research to make sure you find an option that is proven to be safe and effective.

Proactol XS is one of the only supplements on the market that passes both of these tests. There are numerous studies and customer testimonials that should give you confidence that this product will do what it says, and do it well.

Simple but Effective

The way that Proactol XS works is quite simple. It binds with fats, making you feel full for longer periods. This suppresses your appetite, meaning you’ll eat less foods. The binding properties of the non-soluble fibers also means that unnecessary fats will pass through your body without being absorbed. Studies show that this action alone stops the absorption of close to 30% of the fat you consume. Many people have testified that this product does exactly what it claims to do.

The problem with most supplements is that they promise immediate weight loss, and when that doesn’t happen people tend to take more than the recommended dosage, which often leads to bad side effects and no weight loss. Always look for supplements, like Proactol Plus, that claim gradual weight loss over a longer period.

Proactol XS Benefits

  • The ingredients include numerous doctor-recommended soluble and non-soluble fibers which bind with fats and create a gel-like substance that decreases space in the stomach.
  • Appetite is suppressed and hunger is controlled.
  • The metabolism is sped up because the body has to work less on absorbing fats.

Losing weight is something that almost everyone thinks about at one time or another. Experts agree that the most effective way to lose weight is by combining a healthy diet, a plan that includes regular exercise, and an all-natural supplement like Proactol Plus. This plan ensures that you will lose weight long term and keep it off, with almost no side effects except minor bloating and constipation.

Results of Clinical Studies

Four separate studies have shown conclusively that Proactol XS helps people lose weight if taken according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In 2001, an in-vitro gastrointestinal study showed a loss of 28.3% of body fat. A similar TNO study comparing the results of Chitosan with Proactol Plus showed the exact same 28.3% reduction in fat. In 2003 a CERN in-vivo study showed a loss of 27.4% of body weight. Finally, another TNO study involving American breakfast came up with an average of a 23% reduction of fat.

All of these studies showed positive results when taking Proactol Plus, with people averaging over a 25%loss of weight. Some people have said that they have lost over 10 pounds in less than 30 days and are keeping the weight off.

Click here to read more about the studies.


Proactol XS is one of the most effective weight loss supplements on the market. Numerous testimonials and studies back up the claims made by the manufacturers. The product is simple to use and incredibly safe. If you are struggling with your weight, a simple plan involving dietary changes, exercise, and Proactol Plus will definitely bring you the results you want. If for some reason the Proactol XS doesn’t work for you, it comes with an 60-day, money back guarantee, making it completely risk free.

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