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Which Diet Pills Celebrities Use

People look up to celebrities and try to copy their outfits, their behaviour and buy everything they do. This also applies to weight loss. We have seen so many stars shed off pounds and make it seem so easy, what is their secret? Are they using diet pills?

It is highly unlikely that any celebrity would really attest to buying and using diet pills. Usually they write their weight loss off to extensive training and some popular diet. However, this may not be totally true, they are just ashamed to own up to taking the easy way out.

But there are still some cases where media has found out about the pills some of them have taken and in some cases they have let it out themselves.

QuickTrim And The Kardashian Family

quicktrimThis fat burner and appetite suppressant was endorsed by the Kardashian family just a few short years ago, however it didn’t end well. In fact, there was a lawsuit where Kardashian sisters were accused of making false claims about how effective these pills were.

Now that Kim has already lost 70 pounds of baby weight, is she using QuickTrim again? Not according to her. She says she accomplished this with the Atkins diet and workouts, however there are also rumours of cosmetic procedures.

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Trimspa And Anna Nicole Smith

The late sex symbol was the spokesperson of the controversial Trimspa products. Again, this ended with a similar lawsuit as with the Kardashians. The manufacturers were accused of making misleading claims in their ads.

snooki-weight-loss-before-and-afterZantrex-3 And Snooki

Snooki was caught with a bottle of Zantrex-3 before it was known to the world that she had become a spokesperson for this product. Apparently it helped her as she managed to shrink several dress sizes, although she is still struggling with weight at times. We have to give it to her though, today she looks amazing.

Capsiplex And a Whole Host of Celebrities

Capsiplex (review here) is another diet pill with celebrity endorsement. And not one, not two but a bunch of celebrities have used this product according to the manufacturer and the media. Here are some of them: Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lopez, Jim Carrey, Nicola McLean, Kate Staples, Britney Spears, Chantelle Houghton and others.

We don’t know if all these claims are true or not, but this sure is an impressive list of stars – there must be something with this diet pill that makes it so special.

There must be plenty more celebrities who take diet pills to help keep their famous figures, however, we don’t think it’s likely that we will ever find out about it, in most cases at least.

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