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Xipisan Fat Binder Review

xipisan-boxIn a world that is ruled by the love of money, it comes as no surprise that some diet pill makers are just out there to make a quick buck without caring about the actual welfare of their customers. One such product is Xipisan Fat Binder.

Xipisan Fat Binder claims that with it, you can afford to eat anything and still lose weight. This is because it stops fat before it is absorbed by your body. It also claims that the reason why fish are not overweight is because they have Xipisan in their bodies.

The wild claims aroused our interest and we decided to dig deeper to see if they had any credibility.

What is Xipisan Fat Binder?

Xipisan Fat Binder is a natural fat-binding supplement marketed by Famous Rainbow Corporation under the brand name Natural Health. It is designed to let you lose weight without imposing any diet restrictions, by reducing the amount of fat absorbed from your meals. It contains an extract from Aspergillus niger which according to the manufacturer is the reason behind fish never getting fat. However, the ingredient’s quantities and clinical studies are not given.

Main Benefits of Xipisan Fat Binder

According to the manufacturer, these are the main benefits of the product (completely unfounded though):

  • Reduces fat absorption and fat deposits
  • No side effects

How Does Xipisan Fat Binder Work?

Xipisan is a fat binder meaning its ingredients bind onto ingested fat before it is digested and absorbed by the body. The complex formed cannot be digested and is naturally removed from the body as stool.

The manufacturer once claimed in a magazine ad that the product stops fat before absorption and as a result, one could eat anything and still lose weight. The UK’s independent regulator for media advertising, Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), challenged the claims and found them to have breached the Code of Practice.

Will Xipisan Fat Binder Work For You?

Xipisan does not have any clinical studies to back up its extraordinary claims. We were not able to find any customer reviews. The old sales page was removed from Amazon, and the product’s dedicated website now redirects you to a website marketing Rasva Fat Binder.

Several complaints were made concerning the product’s claims in an advert. This prompted an assessment of the product by ASA. The regulator found the marketers to be misleading consumers. 8 complaints were upheld and the marketing company was handed a warning: http://www.asa.org.uk/Rulings/Adjudications/2010/10/Famous-Rainbow-Corporation-Pte-Ltd/TF_ADJ_49214.aspx#.VKCDKVAgBg

This is reason enough to doubt the effectiveness of the product.

How to Take Xipisan Fat Binder

You should take 2 tablets three times a day, 30 minutes prior to taking your meals. You are advised against taking Xipisan if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are under 18. If you are on medication or have a known health condition, you should first consult your doctor.

Where to Buy Xipisan Fat Binder

Xipisan Fat Binder has been replaced by Rasva, and is therefore no longer available on its official website. The product is also not available on Amazon. At the moment, you can only buy it from third party sites like eBay and Total Weight Loss. A box of 60 capsules costs £24.95.

Xipisan Fat Binder Discount and Voucher Codes

At the moment, there are no discount and voucher codes.

Final Thoughts on Xipisan Fat Binder

Xipisan Fat Binder is the kind of product that should be avoided at all costs. It lacks clinical studies as well as customer reviews. It has been faulted for false advertising in the past by ASA. This is a clear indication that the company behind it is just out to deceive customers and make profits.

Xipisan is also very expensive. A 60-capsule box retails at £24.95, meaning that a month’s supply will cost you over £70. In addition to that, the product has no money back guarantee. Do not waste any money on this product. You should instead look for a product that is cheaper, made by a legitimate manufacturer and backed by clinical studies. The recommended fat binder that fully satisfies all those requirements is Proactol XS.

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