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XLS Medical Fat Binder Review – The Truth


You may have heard the hype about XLS-Medical fat binder, but is it the best weight loss solution out there? Read on to find out more about XLS-Medical from our comprehensive review.

What is XLS-Medical?

XLS-Medical is a dietary fat binder. It’s a fairly new product on the weight loss market although it is making some claims we have heard before. We wanted to find out if it lives up to the hype and measures up to the competition from the other top rated fat binder, Proactol XS.

How does it work?

XLS works by binding up to about 27% of the fat you eat and making it indigestible, so that rather than settle on your hips and thighs, it passes right through you.

For anyone who is struggling to manage their weight and not able to make crash diets work for them, fat binders like this are the ideal solution. XLS-Medical also comes with a support plan for health diet and exercise regimes to maintain your weight loss.

XLS Medical’s active ingredient is a patented fat binder called LitramineTM which binds with dietary fat from food and becomes a large fat fibre complex. This fat-fibre complex is too large to be absorbed in the small intestine and is eventually excreted from the body.

Should I consider buying XLS-Medical?

While XLS-Medical initially sounds pretty good, there are several fat binders out there for you to choose from and it’s advisable that you do your research to ensure it is the best choice for you. Let’s start by weighing up XLS-Medical’s pros and cons:

Overall, XLS-Medical seems pretty reasonable, after all no diet product is perfect no matter what the manufacturers might claim. But we think you can do better.

Proactol XS (formerly known as Proactol Plus) is another clinically proven, medically certified fat binder.[success] 

  • The Proactol XS fat binder has a 30 day risk free money back guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied you can claim a full refund and won’t have lost anything.
  • Proactol XS is suitable for vegans and is Halal and Kosher certified
  • Proactol XS comes with freebies and extras such as various diet plans, 1-to-1 mentor to achieve your weight loss goals, as well as healthy recipes and competitions to win up to £1000.
  • Proactol XS has received tons of media endorsement, appearing in News of the World, Daily Mail, Daily Express and Heat Magazine to name but a few.
  • Proactol has also been around for 6 years longer than XLS-Medical and it has a huge following, with loads of testimonials listed on their website.[/success]

And we aren’t the only ones thinking like this. Women’s Health Magazine has been comparing these 2 and came to the same conclusion. Read their review here.



Proactol XS seems like the obvious choice over XLS-Medical, but we decided to do one final evaluation to be sure.

The three most important factors to consider when choosing your fat binder:


effectivenessXLS-Medical is proven to effectively bind dietary fat, but will this alone will not guarantee your weight loss success. It is advised you take XLS alongside a strict diet and exercise regime for maximum effect. If taken correctly however, you could lose up to 3 times more weight than dieting alone.


Proactol XS is proven in no less than 6 clinical studies. It has extensive evidence and certifications to back up its claims and has also been endorsed by actual doctors and medical experts. Proactol XS also has hundreds of testimonials to back it up. With Proactol XS you could lose up to 3lbs, or 20 cheese burgers worth of fat a week!


effectivenessXLS-Medical is licensed as a medical device and contains clinically proven ingredients. It is fair to say that it is therefore a high quality weight loss product.

Proactol XS is licensed as a medical device and is clinically proven. It also has a full 180 day money back guarantee so that you can try it risk free and reclaim your money if it doesn’t work.


At almost £60 for a month’s supply XLS-Medical is not cheap, but for its quality and effectiveness it may be worth the high price.

Proactol XS is cheaper! Proactol XS costs only £46.95 for a full month’s supply and comes with a host of freebies.

In conclusion? Proactol XS is hands down better in every way!

valueXLS-Medical has a lot to offer, but we think Proactol XS just has that bit more. It has been around for longer and is just a more trusted and reputable name. If you are going to buy a fat binding product than you really can’t go wrong with Proactol XS and thanks to their money back guarantee you also have nothing to lose. 


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  1. I have been taking xls medical for 4 days and have found i am simply not hungry and have to remind myself to eat! No weight loss to report as yet but i guess its early days. One concern is I’ve also off had headache for 4 days… don’t know if that’s a side effect or simply a coincidence. Has anybody else experienced this?

    • Hi Fiona.

      We haven’t heard from other consumers about headaches due to XLS Medical or other fat binders. Can it be that because you are eating less you are not getting as much liquids into your body? Headaches can be caused because of dehydration so maybe drinking more water will help?

      So I’d like to recommend that you keep up with healthy eating, add some exercise (power walking is great) into your daily routine and keep up the good work. And let us know how you’re getting on.

      With Best Wishes,

  2. hi iv been taking xls for four days , when wil i c an improvement in my weight….. and also how many callories are we to consume whilst on these

    • Hi Uzzy

      Best way to lose weight is to eat slightly less than your daily recommendation which is 2000kcal for women and 2500kcal for men. Although, do not cut your calories down too much because this will make your body think it needs to slow down and it starts saving fat and this is not what you want. XLS Medical is a fat binder and as the name says it binds some of the fat you eat. So, if you don’t eat sufficient amount of food then there’s nothing to bind and it will be a bit pointless to take it.
      You probably got an email from them with some tips how to increase your daily exercises so this is definitely something I can recommend as well.
      With Best Wishes,

  3. should i order xls or proactol? you have reviews for both but which one is best? i think i need to take it quite a few months as i need to lose 2 stone

    • Hi Maureen.

      I would recommend Proactol because it works out a lot cheaper over that many months, and it comes with money back guarantee as well in case for some reason you won’t see any results. You need to buy minimum 4 months supply though to qualify for the money back.
      So I can just wish you good luck with it, and keep us posted.

      With Best Wishes,

  4. i started xls today for the first time had for my breakfast i had 2 slices of brown bread with mixed salad in between the bread for dinner i had mixed salad egg,onnion .mayo,and coleslaw took the tabs as you do but had no tea not feeling hungary should i take the last 2 tablets .

    • Hi Geraldine

      It would be good to eat something for tea, or don’t skip your tea more than once a week or your body will go to energy saving mode and won’t burn the fat as it should.
      About taking tablets when not eating. No, don’t take XLS/Proactol when you haven’t had any food because there is no fats to bind if you don’t eat.

      With Best Wishes,

      • geraldine alwright

        ok thank you for geting back to me on that but while i was waiting i did fit in another salad sandwich and took the two tabs i want to lose a stone or a stone and a half last diet i done was lipotrim i have to say it was brilliant but they dont sell it here in spain. i went home to dublin one time for 2 weeks and went on it while i was there and in two weeks i had drop down two sizes it was great . so im trying out this xls fat binder hopeing it will be as good as the lipotrim.so ill be back to let you no how im geting on . once again thank you.

  5. Hi all, I’m on my second day of xls and I was reading one of the older posts about headaches. I’ve had a headache since taking my first 2 tablets. Really hope it isn’t linked because I would like to give xls a good try.

    • Hi Lorna

      Thanks for your comment.
      I’m not sure you should get headaches straight after taking your first 2 tablets but it is advised to drink plenty of water when taking fat binder tablets. Dehydration can cause headaches so maybe it’s that…
      Keep us updated, I’m sure everyone would love to know how you’re getting on 🙂

      With Best Regards,

    • Hi Lorna

      Just wanted to give an update. A friend of mine started taking Adiphene a week ago as he is trying to lose 30 pounds and he told me he had headaches as well for the first 2 days but it’s gone now. So I guess some people do get headaches for couple of days until their bodies get used to the ingredients found in those diet pills.

      Good luck,

  6. im taking the pills and have lost bodyfat i eat brown rice and tun a and veg during day and soup at work , and husbands now started stealing mine as hes notices my weight loss , xls pills are amazing !!!!!!!!! by the way sat and sundays i eat out and still losing bodyfat

  7. I am starting xls tomorrow, I am going to combine it with the slimming world green plan, any advice on this? Also need to ask, should I only take the dose if my meal has fat in it? Or if only a little fat?

    • Hi Denise

      I’m not 100% sure what’s included with this green plan so hard to advise you on that. Regarding taking the pills, it’s best to take fat binders like Proactol Plus or XLS Medical when there’s fat in the food. No need really to take them if your food contains 0% of fat because there’s nothing to bind then.

      Good luck and keep us posted 🙂


  8. Hi This is my 3rd day of takin the tablets , i have been havin all bran with low fat milk,at breakfast , for my dinner i have had a pate roll but with know butter, and for tea, i have, been eating pasta with sourse and chicken.I dont eat anything in between meals. But i have had wind is it normal to be like it or would you say im eating to much. ?

    • Hi Karen

      You are doing brilliantly, I don’t think it’s too much food or fat. It’s good you eat chicken as there’s less fat there, and no snacking is very good as well.

      Don’t worry too much, eat what you think is reasonable, don’t get too carried away as it’s not a race. If you do it reasonably you will enjoy it more and will reap greater benefits in the end. If you started starving yourself you will quit sooner rather than later as I don’t know many people who enjoy starving themselves.

      With Best Regards,


  9. Hi is normal to have a lot of wind ,a s i have had since takin xls madical . thank you x

    • I haven’t heard it before, but people react differently to different supplements. Some people have said they get loose stools when they started taking them so people are different.


  10. Hi this my 5th day now and not lost anything, but i cant do much excercise as i have bad legs. when will i start to lose weight? thanks

    • Hi Karen

      I’m afraid no one will be able to tell you when you will start losing weight. It’s all individual. Let us know how you’ve done in a months time, or even better after 2 as this is the minimum you should be taking any kind of diet pills to really start seeing the results.

      Good luck,


  11. HI , I take alot of Liquid Omega 3’s (which are good fats) will taking this have an effect -negative on me taking Omega 3

    • Unfortunately I’m not in a position to give you medical advice so maybe asking your GP is the best course of action.


  12. Hi, I’m following the slimming world diet plan and and have been losing weight about a 1lb a week but have a lot to loss and am going on holiday in around 3 months and would like to drop a dress size or 2 and am now about to start taking xsl fat binders will this help speed my weight loss up a bit if I carry on following slimming world as I have been doing?? I’m not expecting mirricals.
    Thanks x

  13. Hi there i have been taking xls fat binder (litramine) for nearly 2 weeks and not lost anything, what am i doing wrong please help me , its getting me down .

    • Hi Karen

      It doesn’t have to be that you are doing anything wrong, as I said in one of my previous replies it can take time until you start seeing results.
      Another option is that you can try something else if you feel that XLS really doesn’t work for you. So once you run out of XLS you could try Proactol Plus which we have reviewed here as well. Here’s a comparison between Proactol and XLS so have a look https://www.bestfatbinder.com/xls-medical-vs-proactol-plus/

      Best Regards,

  14. Hi i had a meal at 6pm and forgot to take my xls medical so taken them at 10pm is this ok thanks karen

    • Hi Karen

      I’m mot sure it works after 4 hours as you would have digested most of the food by then already. But carry on as normal. John

  15. do i take 2 tablets after breakfast lunch and dinner or is it just after your main meal

  16. Hi all,
    I wanted to know if men could also take the xls pills and how long it would approx. Take to lose about 1st.

    • Hi Sean

      Yes, of course guys can take it too. From my own experience and others too, I think you could achieve it in 2 months or so.
      I’m a strong believer that weight loss is something you have to enjoy and if you start too quick and too fast and lose a stone in a month then you’ll experience 2 things: The weight will come back very quick, and secondly it’s quite likely you didn’t enjoy that month because you had to starve yourself.
      If you decide to get 2 months (or more) supply then I’d recommend getting Proactol Plus instead (comparison is here https://www.bestfatbinder.com/top-3-fat-binders-today/) because it is very similar product to XLS but will work out a lot cheaper.
      Let us know how it goes, and good luck!


      • Hi John,,
        I have been taking the els medical pills since the 4th of April
        but now my question is, do I have to go on a special diet whilst on the pills
        or do I just continue eating what it is I fancy at that time?
        Also about the ‘Proactol Plus’, is it also available in Belgium,, because that is where I’m living at the time.


        • Hi Sean

          Thanks for getting in touch.
          With fat binders you don’t really need a “special” diet, although just a bit healthier diet always helps. The way fat binders like XLS and Proactol Plus work is that they bind some of the fat you eat. So if you went on a non-fat diet then fat binders would be quite useless as there will be no fat to bind.
          Regarding Belgium, France, Spain and other countries worldwide. Yes, Proactol Plus delivers worldwide, and if you order 3 months or more worth of Proactol your delivery will be free and you’ll get some freebies like appetite suppressants to enhance your weight loss quest even further.
          Our opinion here is that if you need to lose a stone or more go for Proactol because it works out so much cheaper over few months than XLS. You could even buy 4 months supply of Proactol and if after 4 months you aren’t happy with your results you could get your money back. There are some Terms and Conditions to that so read them from the official site (click here http://www.proactol.com) before committing.
          Good luck and keep us posted,


  17. Hi. I have been taking XLS for three days now. Because I only have 60 pills ( purchased I a pharmacy while in St. Martin), I have been taking only one pill with my evening meal as it is my big meal. The following day, my usual bowel movement was larger and looser. (TMI). The next two days I have been frequent. It’s day 4 and my digestion is in turmoil. I havent taken the supplement today. It’s like I have bad gas, but I can’t pass any wind. I am bloated and am experiencing a lot of discomfort. Again, TMI. I have had no appetite but have managed to eat some soda crackers, yogurt and am drinking lots of weak tea.
    I’m wondering if I have disturbed the flora in my intestines, despite the fact that I am taking such a low dose. I take Pantaloc, morning and night, for hyperacidity. Is there a conflict? Thanks.

    • Hi

      Thanks for your question.
      As I’m not medically qualified I can’t give you any medical advice or explain why or what is happening with you right now.
      I do know though that people react differently to diet pills, some have headaches (a friend of mine had them for first few days), some people report loose stools as well for the first few days, so we are all different. And it might well be that XLS has disturbed your intestines…
      I would suggest that if it doesn’t get any better then you should contact your GP and see what they say. It shouldn’t be that bad considering how small quantities you are taking, but Pantaloc might have something to do here as well, so better ask your GP. And keep us updated please.

      All the best,
      John Wilmslow

  18. I have been using XLS Medical for three weeks now. I have not noticed any change on the scales but could I be toning up instead of losing fat on the pills?

    • Hi Betty

      Thanks for your question.
      It’s difficult to say for me if you’ve been toning up as I can’t see you 🙂 Have you been doing any extra exercises or walking? If not then I doubt you’ve been toning up to be honest. But what do you feel yourself? And how much weight would you like to lose?



  19. Hi
    I have a cup of tea with two sugars and skimmed milk for breakfast and a slim fast shake for dinner and for tea I have a normal tea I exercise very well run in a morning for 20 mins and work out through out the day cleaning and that am I doing it right I’v started taking the XLS today thanks x

  20. Hi

    Im thinking of starting taking xls. would like to lose a couple of stone for health reasons as i am now on warfarin for life as i am only 38 would like to stay health and losing weight will help but i need to kick start it off.my concern is will it react with the warfarin as if so i wouldnt be able to use it ive googled to try and find out but cant find the answer.

    • Hi Diane

      Thanks for getting in touch.
      Unfortunately I cannot give you any medical advice, especially considering what can be the consequences for you. I would suggest talking to your GP about it.

      With best wishes,

  21. been taking xls for 2 weeks and have lost 9 pounds, feeling better and more energetic

  22. can you take xls with other medication its for my husband he takes methotrexate plus coaprovel

    • Hi Josephine

      Thanks a lot for contacting us.
      Unfortunately I cannot give you any medical advice so I would suggest you talking to your GP about it.

      With best regards,

  23. Hi there, i’ve been taking xls now for 4 weeks, I stayed away from all saturated fats, fried foods, and baking in fat. I eat about 5 times a day, even if its a little snack like an apple, porridge, rich tea biscuits, and anything that has a lot of fibre in it. every time I eat I make sure I down a large glass of water before I eat, as it bloats me a bit. however to start my day I drink a pint of water as soon as i’ve woken up, then on the treadmill for at least 30-40 mins, at a fast jogging pace,but every other day, on the treadmill-not every day! I weighed myself before I started xls, and weighed (11st7lb), now on my 4th week, I now weigh (10st2lb). just keep to what I say and do and you’ll definitely see the difference. THINGS TO STAY AWAY FROM….stay away from all bread, bananas, oranges, cheese, all red meats, eggs, potatoes, fizzy drinks, and most important those – takeaways!.
    The greener the foods the better, apples pears broccoli sprouts.
    grilled chicken, turkey, always take the skin off, fish-but with no sauces or fats.
    TRUST ME ALL THIS WORKS. just don’t forget to do at least an hours exercise every day, even if its walking around the house or running up the stairs.
    Good luck and let me know how yous all get on.

  24. Hi John
    I have lost 18 pounds in 10weeks with cutting out fats from my diet and a little exercise, I want to lose another 6 pounds which I know I will lose if I continue as I am. Once I reach my target weight of 8st 10lb(which is my recommended weight) would it be a good idea to take proactol plus occasionally, only when I have a fatty meal say… maybe three times a week in order to maintain my weight?

    • Hi Kaya

      Thanks for getting in touch, and very well done in losing almost one and a half stone.
      Yes, it would be a good idea to keep taking Proactol Plus, especially when eating fatty foods. Another option, if you drink tea, would be to consider Green Weight Loss Tea, like this Kou Tea here. But you could of course just keep being active 🙂

      Good luck,

  25. I would like to take xls but I am on cholesterol tablets could you tell me why this tablet is not suitable for me

  26. Sad self delusional people will always fall for this rubbish. Someone here expected to see a weight loss after 4 DAYS! This shows the stupidity of the typical customer.
    It should be illegal to make claims without full medical trials, as with medicines, to protect these people from themselves

  27. I bought 3 boxes of xls 2 months ago, so far have lost just 4lbs 🙁

  28. i don’t know, I’m not losing any weight at all, been taking xls for about 5 weeks now, having a lot of wind. I bet those ladies in their ads are well paid, and are probably 4 out of 100 who have lost weight with this pill. very disappointed…

    • I tried these to lose weight as they said it was to lose weight took them for 9 days going gym only drinking water lots of fruits & veg I did put on 3lbs when I was losing for over a month till I started them I got really sick, throwing up every day started to feel ill do I stopped taking them I then started to throw up faeces (poo) had to be rushed to hospital as that’s a dangerous sign lucky I was seen & didn’t leave it as I could of died through the blocking in my stomach & pile up of poo so please don’t take them as it nearly ended my life could of killed me.

  29. Hey. I’ve lost just over half a stone in 2 months now, but I’ve been walking a lot, like 3-5 times a week, so it can be all thanks to my increase in physical activity rather than XL-S Medical. I do feel bloated every once in a while though, I think it’s cause of pills.

  30. Am I ok to take xls or proactol if I’ve had a heart surgery?

  31. just seen the ad on telly, is it as good as they say?

  32. Can you take cla with these tablets .

  33. What’s your opinion on xls carb blocker?

  34. Hi john I’m on slim fast as well as xls. Do I take one after a shake or just after my 600 calories evening meal?

  35. These pills help if you combine them with weight watchers or slimming world. Costco are doing Xls for £29.99 – 180 tablets. I am seeing bigger weight loss numbers having started using Xls.

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