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XLS-Medical Q’s and A’s

Q: I recently purchased XLS Medical and just started taking the pills.  I take 2 pills after lunch and 2 after dinner.  I am having trouble sleeping is this common?

A: This is not a common side effect that has been reported.  This could also be due to your anxiety about your weight loss and nervousness about whether the pill will work or not, but should go away as you continue to take the pill.

Q: I tried Alli before and it did work but my stool was loose and got me into some uncomfortable situations!  Does this happen with xls?  Can I look forward to having to go when I least expect it?

A: Loose stools have not been reported by our customers, but many of them say they are going to the bathroom two times a day.

Q: Im taking XLS Medical pills and Slimming World and the results have been incredible.  In three months ive lost a stone, but it seems to have stopped working.  I want to lose 2 more stone do you gain the weight back if you stop the pills?

A: It sounds like you have changed your diet to include less fat.  If this is the case XLS Medical won’t work as effectively as it would if there was a lot of fat in your diet.  Our pills bind with fat, so if there is no fat to bind with the effect they have is negligible.

Q: It’s been a week since I started XLS and it took 6 days until anything started happening.  I’m always hungry and your pills have completely gotten rid of my cravings.  The only complaint I have is the nausea but the pill itself is very effective because I am now never hungry.  I can deal with the nausea because I know its working wonders for me.

A: Congratulations!  I’m glad XLS is working so well for you.  We have had numerous reports of slight nausea, but most people say it disappears within a couple of weeks.

Q: hi i started taking xls a week ago and i have actually gained weight.  should i keep taking it?  my diet is the same and i get exercise by walking my dog.  i know sometimes people gain weight at the beginning of a diet, especially if they exercise.  any ideas?

A: The problem might be that your diet is not very high in fat in the first place.  Fat binders like XLS Medical are meant for people who don’t want to change their diet in order to lose weight.  The pills are not effective if there is no fat for them to bind to.  You may want to try a different dietary supplement.

Q: even though i don’t eat breakfast should i take the recommended 2 pills in the morning?  i try to eat breakfast but it usually ends up making me sick.

A: If you don’t eat breakfast then you shouldn’t take the pills in the morning.  The way the pills work is by binding with the fats that you consume in a meal.  Taking them without eating will not be productive.  Many experts do believe that starting your day with a healthy breakfast is the most important thing you can do when you wake up.

Q: its only been 3 days since i started taking xls and my problem is it’s made me constipated.  is this normal?

A: Some people say that they experience mild constipation, but it seems mostly to do with not consuming enough water when taking the pills.  This side effect, like many of the others, should disappear as your body gets used to the pills.

Q: I usually have very loose stools and your pills seem to have helped with that issue.  Others probably have a problem with constipation when taking them, but for me they seem to make my problem better.  Is this a reaction that youve seen bfore?

A:  Once again, if you take our pills without a large glass of water the fiber content could constipate you slightly.  Staying hydrated should keep this from happening.

Q: XLS Medical looks like a great product but i just noticed Proactol Plus is made by inQPharm too and is a fat binder as well.  Is it the same?  If it is should i buy it instead because its cheaper, comes with bonuses like free Acai Berry and has what looks like a good money back guarantee?

A: It’s true that Proactol Plus has very similar ingredients to XLS Medical (comparison here).  The advertising costs for XLS are much higher than they are for Proactol, so we have to offset that by charging more.  It is completely up to you which one you choose to purchase, but it’s also true that Proactol comes with bonuses and a money back guarantee, while XLS does not.

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