XLS Medical vs Proactol XS – Which Fat Binder Is The Best?

If you have heard of XLS-Medical chances are you have heard of its predecessor Proactol. These two clinically proven fat binders are in a close race to the top for being the most effective diet supplement this year. Both clinically proven supplements are very popular and there are a lot of similarities between them, but which one is ultimately the best fat binder? We intend to find out.

How do they compare?

Both products are registered as a class 2 medical device under EU law and both are clinically proven to bind up to 28% of dietary fat. They both can also help boost the metabolism and suppress the appetite, and both have numerous clinical studies to back up their claims.

How do they differ?

XLS-Medical is available in some stores while Proactol XS is only available online. Also, Proactol XS is a more established brand while XLS-Medical is relatively new. Proactol XS contains the latest fat binding active ingredient called chitosan to give it extra effectiveness compared to prickly pear cactus-based XLS Medical. The differences really end there though, as both fat binders exert very similar effects. We can expect Proactol XS to give slightly better results though so it can come down to other factors such as value for money, overall quality and reputation.

So which one do I buy?

It’s not easy knowing which brands to trust when choosing a weight management supplement. So many make outrageous claims with nothing to substantiate them and are a complete waste of money, so you will want to ensure you make the right choice. With that in mind let’s weigh up the benefits of these two fat binders:


Results: It is plain to see that Proactol XS comes out on top with 6/7 benefits while XLS-Medical only has 4/7. XLS-Medical is still a reasonable choice, but when it comes to quality and value for money it just doesn’t measure up to Proactol XS. Ultimately you have to decide which one you would rather spend your money on, bearing in mind that XLS carries no guarantee whereas you can try Proactol XS risk free for 30 days and reclaim your money if you’re not satisfied.

UPDATE 01.02.2014 : We found that Women’s Health Magazine has been comparing Proactol XS and XLS Medical, click here to see what they think.




Which one is most effective?

You might be thinking XLS-Medical is more expensive because it is more effective than Proactol XS, but this is not the case. Both use essentially the same proven fat binding formula derived from the Prickly Pear cactus, and both have clinical studies to prove their effectiveness. However XLS does not provide much assistance beyond advice for a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is great if you have loads of willpower but let’s be honest, not everyone does.

Proactol XS, on the other hand, offers a free appetite control supplement to help you fight the cravings. It is also much easier to see long term results with Proactol XS because it is more affordable; you can get a 5 month’s supply with free shipping, appetite control and 2 free boxes for marginally over the price of a 3 month’s supply of XLS. Savings on Proactol XS include up to 40% off. XLS says that you can lose up to 3 times more weight with it than dieting alone, while Proactol promises weight loss of up to 3lbs or 20 cheese burgers worth of fat a week! This may be a tall claim, but as it comes with a money back guarantee you have nothing to lose but the weight.

In Conclusion – Proactol XS Is Simply the Best Fat Binder

XLS-Medical is a good contender but ultimately it falls short of Proactol XS. For pretty much exactly the same product with presumably similar weight loss results, it just makes sense to choose the more reputable brand that is covered by a guarantee.



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